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New Worm Uses Seven NSA Tools, Five More than WannaCry

Called EternalRocks, this new worm is not yet weaponized May 22, 2017 20:21 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu  ·  Share: The world thought WannaCry was the worst thing to happen to computer security, but that’s far from the truth given what security researchers just found out – namely a new worm spreading via SMB using […]

Criminal Group Uses LogMeIn to Compromise PoS Systems with Malware

Crooks deploy new malware called PosCardStealer Aug 9, 2016 13:01 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu A criminal group is using compromised LogMeIn accounts belonging to systems running PoS software to access those computers and infect them with the new PosCardStealer malware. At the end of June, PandaLabs was reporting on a wave of PoS infections […]

Huge Spam Wave Drops Locky Variant That Can Work Without an Internet Connection

New Locky variant uses a weaker encryption method Jul 14, 2016 00:35 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu During the past days, the crooks behind the Locky ransomware have amped up their operations and distributed hundreds of thousands of spam emails that contain malicious files, which, when opened, would install a new version of the Locky […]

Yahoo Mail begins blocking users with ad blockers installed

This is wrong..this is all about money..if they want to take care of of the malware that comes from there compromised adds..then I would not have a problem otherwise just block Yahoo period..which I personally would hate..comsumer protection is just as important as them making money from the ads   Yahoo is taking a stand […]

Malware Turns to DNS and Steganography to Hide C&C Communications

Beware have good malware protection Malware operations evolve in a clever way By Catalin Cimpanu    19 Nov 2015, 16:36 GMT Dr. Chris Dietrich from Crowdstrike and Pierre-Marc Bureau from Dell SecureWorks have identified a trend in malware campaigns where operators resort to the DNS protocol and steganography to manage botnet communications. Steganography is the science […]

Critical flaw in ESET products shows why spy groups are interested in antivirus programs..

Lucian Constantin IDG News Service Jun 24, 2015 10:52 AM Both Kaspersky Antivirus and Eset promise you the moon take your money and both are now compromised..why do you keep spending money on these firms crap software.. Boycott them and replace with better AV protection. The flaw could allow attackers to fully compromise systems via […]

The Company (Kaspersky Antivirus) Securing Your Internet Has Close Ties to Russian Spies

The bottom line: Popular security-software maker Kaspersky Lab has close ties to Russian military and intelligence officials. I have been telling you folks this for years after I dropped them from my product line at least now a major company shared some light and is carrying the torch. Your money your security please replace when […]

Email spoofing security hole discovered in Google Admin console

Summary:Security researchers have identified a security flaw in the Google Admin console which allows attackers to claim domains and send out spoof emails. By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day | March 9, 2015 — 13:25 GMT (06:25 PDT) Security researchers have exposed a vulnerability within the Google Admin console which allows cyberattackers to send spoof […]

RCS Spyware Goes Completely Undetected by Kaspersky Antivirus, ESET and 2 other Antivirus Products

Four products fail to identify the malicious running process By Ionut Ilascu A variant of Remote Control System (RCS) spyware collected a month ago goes completely under the radar of some antivirus products, a security researcher reports. RCS is a versatile product developed by Italian company Hacking Team that can work on different computer platforms, […]

Dyre Banking Trojan Delivered via Voice Message Email Notification

Beware of Voice Mail notifications The malware dropper has Romanian PE resources By Ionut Ilascu on September 26th, 2014 23:49 GMT Email purporting to inform of a new voicemail message has been discovered to include a malicious attachment that downloads the Dyre banking Trojan when opened. This is not a new type of scam, but […]