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MspManagedNetwork RemoteManagement, MAX RM service updates

Folks, We are aware of an issue with the Patch Management feature today and yesterday showing the error “The system cannot find the file specified” on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012. This has been investigated by the LanGuard team, and it was determined that this is due to an error error with Microsoft’s Offline […]

MspManagedNetwork RemoteManagement – Windows Phone MDM Notice

We wish to make you aware that a Windows Phone certificate used in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Windows Phones will expire on November 24th. The update to the Windows Phone certificate will require you to re-enrol Windows Phone devices after the transition date on the 24th. This is a one-off event related to the […]

MspManagedNetwork is pleased to announce the release of ServiceDesk 1.9, which is now available on all installations.

We are pleased to announce the release of ServiceDesk 1.9, which is now available on all installations. This release includes some major new features, including the ability to setup contract service lines with fixed or variable costs, ticket merging, rate cards and other enhancements. Please find the full release notes below:- Contract Capabilities New functionality […]

Coming Soon – MAX/MspManagedNetwork RM Release Dashboard v5.51, Agent v9.7.2 GA

Coming Soon – MAX RM Release Dashboard v5.51, Agent v9.7.2 GA Posted on October 28, 2014 by brianmackie Dear Customers, We’re pleased to share provisional release details in advance of the next MAX/MspManagedNetwork release, Dashboard v5.51, in which Agent v9.7.2 is to replace Agent v9.6.1 as the production agent and become available for auto-update. In […]

MspManagedNetwork Update

Dear Customers, We’d like to give an update regarding the new Dashboard and how we’re addressing the UI issues we’ve encountered, and also share with you how we are enhancing our processes to ensure we don’t run into performance issues like this in the future. At the start of the week our focus was on […] – Dashboard Session Time Out Issue – Update

Dear Customers, We have made an adjustment to alleviate a session time-out issue, so that users are less likely to run into the time-out limit in the Dashboard. This was causing a usability problem because it currently does not explicitly inform you that the session has timed out. Instead it may give a server connectivity […]

US dashboard – delays in back-end e-mail delivery

Dear customers, We have resolved a system issue that delayed delivery of certain scheduled e-mail types including client reports and data overdue alerts. Queued e-mails are now being delivered to the receiving mail servers. Update 16:15 UTC: The backlogged e-mail messages have been delivered. With kind regards, The Team We would like to apologize […]