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Top 5 reasons why you should try/buy Bitdefender GravityZone:

#1 Ranked in major independent tests for protection, performance, and usability and trusted to protect more than 500 Million endpoints globally #2 Global Protective Network analyzes and correlates information from 500M endpoints and other sources to anticipate, prevent and detect attacks anywhere in the world in less than 3 seconds #3 Advanced endpoint protection utilizing […]

Personal opinion about Bitdefender vs Kaspersky

I recently just saw a comment from Eugene Kaspersky stating he did not like Bitdefender marketing tactics “Concerned about renewing Kaspersky click to learn how to replace Kaspersky with no increase in cost” At MspPortal Partners we endorse the move to Bitdefender. With 274 aggregators/tech firms protecting 100,000 endpoints with Bitdefender Gravity Zone managed Malware […]

Chrome Users Targeted by Websites Forcing Them to Install Extension to Leave

Feb 23, 2017 13:13 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu  ·  Share: A new malvertising campaign targeting Chrome users has users redirected to a website they couldn’t leave without installing a malicious Chrome extension. While this isn’t exactly the common practice among malvertising, which usually redirect people to places where stronger malware can be delivered, including […]

IMPORTANT Backdoor Trojan Uses TeamViewer Components to Spy on PCs in Europe, Russia, US stripped-down version of the TeamViewer

If you are still using LogicNow/GFI you/your clients are probably susceptible to this Trojan. In fact, the two variants seem to be related because they both use stripped-down versions of the TeamViewer MspPortal Partners  new RMM product uses the commercial version of TeamViewer not the stripped-down Version, is not affected by this. Aug 16, 2016 […]

Health Clinic Sued Three Days After Announcing Massive Security Breach

Some people don’t like to wait when filing lawsuits; Aug 8, 2016 01:30 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu Three days after announcing a data breach that might have potentially affected a whopping 3.7 million patients, a US-based healthcare provider was sued for negligence by one of its employees in a class-action lawsuit. Personally they should […]

Take Our Challenge !! CYBERSECURITY IN 2016

We are a Managed Service Provider for ISP’s, MSP’s, Reseller’s and Var’s using back end OEM space/services from Major manufactures using a multi-tenant environments. We can out price, outperform and provide more security then our competition. We have no contract and no monthly access fees..MspPortal Partners Inc. Software Family: MspManagedNetwork, MspMailFilter, MspSecureBackup, MspAntivirus, MspSecureMail, MspSecureDoc, […]

Google Chrome Will Mark HTTP Sites as Insecure With a Big Red X

HTTP sites will be considered broken and insecure by default Jan 28, 2016 18:45 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu If you have hired Solutions to do your web site please contact them to have it converted over to HTTPS other wise your site may not be seen..especially if it was written in/with WordPress if […]