Personal opinion about Bitdefender vs Kaspersky

I recently just saw a comment from Eugene Kaspersky stating he did not like Bitdefender marketing tactics “Concerned about renewing Kaspersky click to learn how to replace Kaspersky with no increase in cost”
At MspPortal Partners we endorse the move to Bitdefender.
With 274 aggregators/tech firms protecting 100,000 endpoints with Bitdefender Gravity Zone managed Malware protection as of last month throughout the country, we all have the same belief that in today’s environment end-users need to be protected.
If you have not read the news The US Govt. has put a cease and desist of using Kaspersky, just yesterday Best Buy has dropped the Kaspersky line. Both entities have strong tech teams and need to protect their businesses from malware.
If you are concerned about your budget or would like an aggregator to contact you feel free to submit a request via the web site (

Bitdefender now provides encryption at the endpoint. This feature is now more important do to the Equifax breach your personal/company data is now in jeopardy more than ever.
Bitdefender also launched Hypervisor, a revolutionary security layer malware cannot reach your system and cannot hide from it “RAW MEMORY INTROSPECTION-THEY SAID IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE” Positioned completely outside the operating system, with hardware enforced isolation, and with no agent or drivers installed “DETECTS ZERO-DAYS THAT HEURISTICS MISS”

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