RE: Bitdefender another breach appears to be looming

Another Ransomware  breach appears to be looming..

Based upon the chatter I hear and am seeing brace yourself and protect your client’s endpoints…

Here are 2 links that can you keep you somewhat informed.

( Real-time attacks if you watch long enough you see bat files flying across which in reality could/would be a setup for Botnets..

( Recent Update News from Bitdefender.


Couple of things mainly for all the new resellers I have taken on in the last 2 months.. get your conversions/displacements handled ASAP. Your clients will appreciate it, and you will breathe easier.. If you need help let me know it’s my job.

To the established resellers double check you have licenses on all you endpoints IMPORTANT..

Last just do a and drill down to some clients and make sure you are not using the “Default Policy” important it lacks the correct settings to make you breath easily (Like protect you from Ransomware attacks, you have to check it off in the policy and you cannot manipulate the “Default Policy”.

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