Webroot melts down as update nukes hundreds of legit files

Update 4/25/2017 7:07 AM California time:Webroot officials issued the following statement: “On April 24, Webroot experienced a technical issue affecting some business and consumer customers. We are in the process of creating a fix, but in the meantime, small business customers can follow instructions posted in the Webroot Community to address the issue.”

Social media sites ignited on late Monday afternoon with customers reporting that servers and computers alike stopped working as a result of the mishap. The admin and security pundit who goes by the Twitter handle SwiftOnSecurity told Ars that, at the company he or she worked for, the false positive quarantined “several hundred” files used by Windows Insider Preview. Hundreds of “line of business” apps, such as those that track patient appointments or manage office equipment, suffered the same fate. Webroot was also flagging Facebook as a phishing site.

As this post was going live, Webroot’s cloud-based system for issuing commands to clients was unable to revert the quarantined files. Officials have yet to confirm they would be able to revert all the bad determinations.

Webroot officials said the bad definitions were live for only 13 minutes before being taken down. But that was enough time to create mammoth problems. As Webroot officials pledged to provide a fix…


Here is the sad part if you send a bill to them in which you should for you time to recover from there mistake..they will deny the claim basically saying you are using there software at you own risk.. Now does does sound right to you..I hope not.

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