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Well we MspPortal Partner Group finally went over 100,000 endpoints between all the product lines we deal with very exciting as a group.

Especially after what LogicNow/GFI did to me last year 2 months before they sold to Solarwinds.

A group like this benefits all of us.

Quick Update and question I would like a quick response/comment  if you could would not  mind.

I was renegotiating a contract with one of the manufactures last night over some terms and I thought you might enjoy this They stress over the following

Item 3) Must provide 1st level support to MspPortalPartners Group. in a timely like fashion no longer than 24 hours after a support case has been submitted.

Hard to believe this is/was a sticking/pain point

Item 7) If at some time in the future you would like to purchase MspPortalPartners Groups. clients, pricing will be at current market price, up to including if the firm sells the company.

Comment who knows who they may sell to but at least it’s an option for you folks

The part that bothers me is that the manufactures love taking our money but do not believe that service should accompany the payment. In essence we have become there sales force without compensation/or support for it. They all for the most part use Distributors who provide no assistance or support but just pass the credit.

My own examples in the last 23 years

Kaspersky Antivirus on the bottom of the license ” Please note: Kaspersky Lab Software is not returnable or exchangeable.” Have you ever tried talking to support with an issue good luck

Microsoft ever got a hold of support in a timely like fashion

Trend Micro AV ever got a hold of support in a timely like fashion and had a response, in my case with them they throw out a bad PTN file that black screen all the servers at the time I personally sold and was supplying tech support for the entire state of California Dept. of Forestry it crippled the response server until I provide a cmd line to remove the bad PTN file , it took Trend 36 hours to figure it out.

WatchGuard Firewalls When they hired Alex Thurber VP World Wide Sales (no longer there) he developed the “WatchguardONE program” in essence reduced everybody’s margin to increase the bottom line to WatchGuard.. Again I taught resellers how to use and implement WatchGuard firewalls, I was one of 3 in the country that they did not know what to do with because my business model was different but yet productive and rewarding to my group.

Now do not get me wrong about WatchGuard I may not like there business modal nor sell their products like I used to but I still believe they are the best Firewall out there for the SMB market place.

Long Short as you all know MspPortal Partners Inc. is not a distributor just a tech that provides tech support to techs with the same or better pricing as a distributor.

Managed Service Provider for the following products:

MspPortal Partners Inc. Software Family

MspEncryptMail | MspSecureMail | MspMailfilter | MspAntivirus | MspManagedNetwork | MspSecureBackup | MspSecureDoc


Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President “Where Service and Technical Skills Count”


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