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Appears that every nation, country has dropped Kaspersky Antivirus

Personal Opinion Well it certainly appears that every nation, country has dropped Kaspersky Antivirus as a security solution except Russia go figure. My suggestion if you still have a small Red K in your system tray, remove it and look for an alternative security solution.. Contact your company tech and request it be removed before […]

Personal opinion about Bitdefender vs Kaspersky

I recently just saw a comment from Eugene Kaspersky stating he did not like Bitdefender marketing tactics “Concerned about renewing Kaspersky click to learn how to replace Kaspersky with no increase in cost” At MspPortal Partners we endorse the move to Bitdefender. With 274 aggregators/tech firms protecting 100,000 endpoints with Bitdefender Gravity Zone managed Malware […]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Can Actually Help Spies Steal Data, Warn Researchers

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Can Actually Help Spies Steal Data, Warn Researchers ( Thomas Fox-Brewster , Forbes Staff I cover crime, privacy and security in digital and physical forms. “Kaspersky says it isn’t going to fix the problem” “It’s not just Americans that are worried about the Moscow-based AV vendor, though. Even some Russians have concerns. Vladimir […]

The US Government Banned Kaspersky Antivirus

  Will Trump Ban Russian Anti-Virus Software Giant Kaspersky Labs Over Alleged Kremlin Ties? Newsweek The US Government Banned Kaspersky Antivirus – Virus Guides Trump Administration Restricts Kaspersky Lab Product Use – US government removes Kaspersky Lab from two lists of approved vendors for IT services – Neowin Managed Service Provider for the following […]

New Worm Uses Seven NSA Tools, Five More than WannaCry

Called EternalRocks, this new worm is not yet weaponized May 22, 2017 20:21 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu  ·  Share: The world thought WannaCry was the worst thing to happen to computer security, but that’s far from the truth given what security researchers just found out – namely a new worm spreading via SMB using […]

RE: Bitdefender another breach appears to be looming

Another Ransomware  breach appears to be looming.. Based upon the chatter I hear and am seeing brace yourself and protect your client’s endpoints… Here are 2 links that can you keep you somewhat informed. ( Real-time attacks if you watch long enough you see bat files flying across which in reality could/would be a setup […]

DocuSign Suffers Data Breach, Email Addresses Used in Phishing Attack

No other customer data was accessed in the breach May 16, 2017 07:40 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu  ·  Share: DocuSign, the company behind eSignature, one of the most popular digital signature services in the world, admitted that they suffered a data breach that exposed customer emails. These emails were later used in a phishing […]

RE:BitDefender and your Protection Google Docs Malicious Email Making the Rounds

I have done 3 cases on this already thank goodness Bitdefender picked this up after somebody clicked on the link. Hi All, A couple of our users have forwarded suspicious emails that on the surface look like they are from known individuals announcing they have uploaded a document to Google Docs for them to retrieve.  […]

Webroot melts down as update nukes hundreds of legit files

Update 4/25/2017 7:07 AM California time:Webroot officials issued the following statement: “On April 24, Webroot experienced a technical issue affecting some business and consumer customers. We are in the process of creating a fix, but in the meantime, small business customers can follow instructions posted in the Webroot Community to address the issue.” Social media […]

RE: Bitdefender Advanced Threat Control Proactive Protection Against New and Emerging Threats Both in the MSP Model or Enterprise Model

Bitdefender’s Global Protective Network (GPN) performs 11 billion queries per day, and uses reflective models and advanced machine learning algorithms to extract malware patterns, ensuring real-time protection against any threat. The system detects, anticipates and takes action to neutralize even the newest dangers anywhere in the world. It updates the reputation of apps, email sources […]