MspPortal Partners Network drops Webroot as a Vendor

Where I believe that Webroot is a good product and has potential…

I negotiated in good faith for 3500 seats with 2 caveats (below) which I have with other MFG like GFI and other lines that I carry.

I pushed them before end year (before my first invoice) to sign my addendum. On 12/30/2014 Charlie Tomeo  pleasantly and verbally refused to sign my conditions page, hence I canceled my PO.

So I have dropped them as a Vendor..

If you would like to carry their product, I can put you in touch with somebody there. In my opinion they want you to make 1 years’ worth of income but they want all renewals, that unfortunately does not fit with my business model to have reoccurring revenue for not only you as a partner but myself

1) Term 1 year with optional (2) 1 year terms with no price adjustment upwards only down.

2) In the event one of our resellers or client decides to obtain from Webroot directly from your website or another vendor, Webroot will direct them back to MspPortal first for our verbal approval.

3) Lastly this statement that made me nervous was they added a change in terms when you log in to their GSM dashboard

” Subject to applicable law, Webroot may provide the Service from any hardware installation anywhere in the world and may, at any time, transfer the provision of the Service from one installation to another.  Webroot does not guarantee that any such installation, or any part thereof, is or will be dedicated to Your sole use.”

Keep in mind this is my experience you may have a different outcome. If they in writing will protect all MSP’s Var’s and Resellers, I would consider carrying their product again.

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