Symantec’s information security chief declares: The traditional antivirus is “dead” and “doomed to failure,” others will follow

Symantec’s information security chief declares: The traditional antivirus is “dead” and “doomed to failure,”

Summary: The traditional antivirus is “dead” and “doomed to failure,” Symantec’s information security chief declares. Quelle surprise, considering Norton is fading into oblivion.

Kaspersky will follow: At least five senior executives have left Russian computer security software company Kaspersky Lab in the past month due to a disagreement over the way it is being run under its chief executive and co-founder, Eugene Kaspersky.

Company’s co-founder, chairwoman and former CEO, Natalya Kaspersky, who is also Eugene Kaspersky’s ex-wife, sold her remaining shares in the company.

Roy Miehe the CEO of has been saying this all along Antivirus software by itself is Dead
do not buy into the one for all Antivirus protection products, that all these firms are trying to sell you.. they would sell you the Golden Gate if they could. Do not get me wrong you still need Antivirus protection but it need to fast and protect you from local malware.

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If you need a IT firm in your area to manage this for you, we have them all over the US who are certified quality Tech’s who will be more than happy to provide you with a quote. The pricing in most cases is probably less then you are paying for Antivirus software by itself.

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