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Report: NSA broke into Yahoo, Google data centers

By AP 26 minutes ago The Washington Post ( Question Do you believe Goolge and Yahoo comments? WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Post is reporting that the National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world. The Post cites documents obtained from former […]

Your Winning Formula for Growth with

Your formula for growth is here! RemoteManagement  is a winning formula for anyone who sells IT services, big or small. One central dashboard gives you a full monitoring overview plus notification of critical events and processes. forms the foundation for your business success, with software that’s designed for companies of any size, from […]

11 of the Biggest Rip-Offs in Tech Fun Reading..

Fun Reading.. but think about it we all have done this 😉 NEW YORK (MainStreet) — You just bought a new flat screen, and now you’re considering a fancy-looking $45 HDMI cable that promises the best picture. On the shelf near it are half dozen antivirus programs for $50 a pop, and you wonder if you need […]

Manage all of your customers’ devices with MspManagedNetwork.

Part of the Software Family Take a full system 30-day free trial and see how you could be using just one dashboard to proactively monitor and manage all of your clients’ devices whether Windows, Apple Mac or Linux. Built for all business models – break fix or managed services Use the system to uncover […]

Russian spy agency seeks to expand Internet surveillance

by Reuters 7 hours ago Kaspersky Lab and Eugene Kaspersky, you might to think twice about purchasing Kaspersky products based upon what I read your personal information is not only with NSA but Russia go figure Worldwide, 50 million people are now members of the Kaspersky Security Network, sending data to the company’s Moscow headquarters […]

Experian top US credit bureau reportedly sold social security numbers to Vietnamese scammer

By Jacob Kastrenakeson October 21, 2013 10:53 am My take I think a large law firm should do a class action law suit and put this company out of business, or the Governement should re-issue SS numbers to protect the people of the land. I do not reemeber ever giving  Experian thet right to sell […]

Hackers Can Access Web Interface of Some D-Link Routers, Experts Warn

October 14th, 2013, 16:06 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs Do you own a D-Link? Tradeup to an WatchGuard UTM Product Before its to late!! Change out your D-Link for a quality product that will protect your network. DON”T be CHEAP pay tech support now with low dollars vs a hacked network and pay BIG DOLLLARS […] announces new product Encrypted Mail – up and running fully brand-able

More Details on the web site SRP Pricing Encrypted Mail (5-99) $6.95  (100-499) $5.95 (500-4,999) $5.25 MobilEncrypt    (5-99) $3.75  (100-499) $3.45 (500-4,999) $3.25 Encrypted Mail + MobileEncrypt (5-99) $7.95  (100-499) $6.95 (500-4,999) $6.25 mobilEncrypt is an on-the-device email encryption solution that enables mobile users to send and receive encrypted messages directly on their smartphone […]

U.S. opposes companies’ request to reveal spying demands

By David Ingram | Reuters – Wed, 2 Oct, 2013 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department has told a secret surveillance court that it opposes a request from technology companies to reveal more about the demands they receive for user information, according to court papers released on Wednesday. Negotiations between the federal government and […]