Why Do I Need Email Archiving? MspPortal Secure Mail Service clients only

Message recovery – Has a user accidentally deleted an email? Don’t worry, with one click administrators can forward the messages of any individual user back to that user’s inbox, eliminating stress over lost or deleted emails.

Disaster recovery and business continuity – How safe is your email? With Email Archiving your messages stay safe and accessible from world wide data centers. So, you can rest soundly knowing your emails will be there when you need them.

Legal compliance – Don’t wait for a subpoena to discover the value of email archiving. Power your email with Email Archiving technology to proactively prepare your organization for e-discovery.

Compliance building – Email Retention is a key component of any effective compliance plan. Let Email Archiving help you build a corporate compliance policy that scales to keep you covered

Pricing is monthly and it is a sliding scale (tiered like my mail pricing) the more you have the less it cost you monthly per mail box.
1 year or 10 year is available

Setup is easy you control that:
1) View/Modify Domain Settings for xyz.com
2) Services
3) Archive ->change status to 1 year 10 year You can do the whole domains or only certain mailboxes, you pick and choose.
If you need a price sheet reply back and let me know.

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