MspPortal’s way of saying thank you for your support and trust in converting from Red Condor/Edgewave

Overall displacement/change of Red Condor/Edgewave went very well we only lost 3%. What was lost has been has been replaced with new companies that you folks have taken on.

I would like to take the time to thank you for following/trusting Mspportal into a change that could have been disastrous.

You folks had a lot of trust and faith in my ability to bring you a better product besides putting your income at stake.
Personally, I cannot think of a larger leap of faith than what you folks did.

In the overall displacement of Red Condor/Edgewave we managed to convert/displace over 1100 domains and thousands upon thousands of mailboxes globally.

It is now my turn to say thank you for your trust and give you folks the recognition you deserve.

You can have your own Branded White Label mail filter page like I do at at no cost to you **.
Normally I charge $250.00
** If you have 100 mailboxes and above I will pay for the branding out of my own pocket. I am making this offer available until June 30th, 2013 so take advantage of it.

Couple of items required, Logo and some tech language at the bottom like

Also if you know any other IT firms in need of our services I will compensate you for the referral based upon the first month of service revenue

If you have some further question let me know personally or send an email to

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