AppRiver Email and Web Security Experts SecureTide is DOWN

“SecureTide™ blocks 99 percent of spam and viruses, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe. SecureTide is easy, effective and affordable email security from AppRiver, the company trusted to protect eight million mailboxes worldwide”

My comment to this is if you host filtering how could you be down???

From an inside source today:

“I wanted to get this out to my Partners as quickly as I could. One of our data centers is having issues today which is affecting some Secure Tide clients. This does not affect ALL clients but a large number are no receiving mail at this time.
I don’t have details as of yet but I will certainly update you as I get more! ”

From there website
How reliable is SecureTide?

SecureTide was designed to have built in redundancies at every level: from SAS70 Level 2 compliant data centers spread across different continents, to bundling bandwidth from six major Network Providers to ensure reliability. Our Tier-1 facilities are located in Texas, Virginia, London and Hong Kong and are well-protected against power failure, equipment malfunction and natural disaster

Does this sound reliable? They were down on March 27 2013 also read

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