Apple Will Bypass Your iPhone’s Passcode If Law Enforcement Asks It To

This Raise’s Fourth Amendment concerns.

Google Android makes it even easier

“Google takes a more privacy-protective approach: it “resets the password and further provides the reset password to law enforcement,” the materials say, which has the side effect of notifying the user that his or her cell phone has been compromised.”

Federal agencies looking to catch criminals by peeking into their iPhones are asking Apple to bypass their passcodes and supply them with the necessary information to make the bust. Article

And Apple, more often than not, agrees. In fact, they reportedly have this so-called waiting list where feds take turns to get their mitts on precious information stored on wanted people’s iPhones.

All Apple does is use its engineering geniuses to bypass the phone’s passcode, download the decrypted contents onto an external memory device, and ship it to the law enforcement agency that needs it.

At first glance, this sounds like a really awesome approach to help the authorities to get their hands on the bad guys. But in reality, this raises serious concerns about the security of our data.

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