MspPortal presents updated WatchGuard Trade Up Program

Step up to the latest technology at 25% off.

Both current WatchGuard customers and users of other brands of security appliances alike earn 25% off the purchase of the latest technology available. The WatchGuard Trade Up Program allows you to replace your aging technology with the best WatchGuard has to offer, keeping you a step ahead of all the evolving threats that threaten your business. See Below **

More Reasons to Trade Up

Moore’s Law: better performance, less money
The throughput of the Firebox X is available on today’s XTM solution for less than a quarter of the price. Comparable XTM devices have about ten times the throughput performance to those of their Firebox X predecessor.

Lower costs for your services
Maybe you don’t need ten times the performance you have now. Then stop paying as though you do. The right solution for you today could have a much lower total cost of ownership.

Not just new, greatly improved There are a ton of new features to be excited about. Get the tools to manage your network the way you always wanted. And stay up to date with access to all the advances still to come through software updates.

**To complete activation when trading in a non-WatchGuard device, a certificate of destruction (COD) for that device must be completed and returned to WatchGuard within sixty (60) days of activation. The COD will certify that the competitive device used in the trade up has been destroyed and properly disposed of in accordance with local environmental standards.
The COD can be returned by either:
Snail Mail to MspPortal call for mailing instructions or
Email a PDF to

WatchGuard reserves the right to deactivate a new Trade Up product if the certificate of destruction for the original device is not received within sixty days, or at any time if the Trade Up product is determined to have been activated in violation of the Trade Up Program’s

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