WatchGuard XCS Intercept Anti-Spam Decision Strategy

Adaptive Intercept Anti-Spam Decision Strategy [XCS v9.2.x]
Question: Why should I use the Adaptive decision strategy for Intercept Anti-Spam?


Adaptive is a new Intercept Anti-Spam Decision Strategy added in WatchGuard XCS v9.2 Update 1.

Currently, Heuristic 1 is used as the default strategy to compensate for the initial training period. When a suitable amount of training is accumulated, you can switch to Heuristic 2 to provide more aggressive anti-spam scanning utilizing the database of trained spam and legitimate mail based on the types of messages you receive in your environment.

The Adaptive strategy combines the strengths of Heuristic 1 and Heuristic 2 by monitoring the initial training period and processing messages similar to the Heuristic 1 strategy. When a suitable amount of spam and legitimate mail has been trained, the scanning aggressiveness automatically switches to a strategy similar to Heuristic 2 to utilize the trained mail.

We recommend you use the Adaptive strategy to provide the strongest anti-spam capture rate and to prevent false positives.

To modify the Intercept Anti-Spam Decision Strategy, select Security > Anti-Spam > Show Advanced Options.

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