WatchGuard XCS Enable the User Spam Quarantine feature

Question :How to Enable the User Spam Quarantine feature.

Answer: To enable the User Spam Quarantine feature:

1. Select Configuration > WebMail > User Spam Quarantine.

2. Select the Enable User Spam Quarantine check box.

3. Configure your Quarantine options as required.

4. Click Apply.

Enable WebMail on a network interface:

1. Select Configuration > Network > Interfaces.

2. Select the WebMail option for the network interface for which you allow user spam quarantine access.

3. Click Apply. The system must be rebooted.

Enable WebMail quarantine controls:

1. Select Configuration > WebMail > WebMail.

2. Select the Personal Quarantine Controls check box.

3. Click Apply.

Set your spam redirect options:

1. Select Security > Anti-Spam > Anti-Spam.

2. Set the Action for the spam level (such as Certainly Spam, Probably Spam, and Maybe Spam) to Redirect to.

3. Set the Action data to the FQDN of the spam quarantine (either this system, or another system such as the Quarantine Server), for example:

4. Click Apply


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