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3/12/2013 WatchGuard Releases Update Fireware XTM OS 11.7.2 Available for XTM 25,26, 3 Series,5 Series, 8 series, 1050 series, 1500 series. This is not available for XTM 21,22,23 (Update 11.6.5 released 4-4-2013 is available) you will have to upgrade your firewall using the “Red Instead” promotion. We can assist in that process contact your IT person and have them contact if they are not already a Partner with

  • WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL Software
    WatchGuard® Mobile VPN with SSL 11.7 for Windows
    For Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8
    Released January 10, 2013
    SHA-1 checksum: 077b5bddfaab19572d699e817f0e26995ada9fa7
  • WatchGuard® Mobile VPN with SSL 11.7 for Mac OS X
    For Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8
    Released January 10, 2013
    SHA-1 checksum: d32df117d820a9aa6f3f935a1c8ae58746e922b1

WatchGuard is pleased to announce the release of Fireware XTM v11.7.2 and WatchGuard System Manager v11.7.2, and support for the new WatchGuard AP family of best-in-class wireless access points. Using the latest generation of wireless hardware, the WatchGuard AP extends UTM security to your wireless network and provides seamless roaming for up to 16 SSIDs. Best of all, you can set up and manage your WatchGuard AP devices from a single console, using your current Fireware XTM management tools (Policy Manager or the Fireware XTM Web UI). We recommend that you review the new WatchGuard AP Deployment Guide, or the Fireware XTM Help, for information on how to get started with a new WatchGuard AP.

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