WatchGuard Receives Industry Recognition in First Quarter from CRN, SC Magazine and Info Security Product Guide

Product Reviews and Industry Awards Show Dedication to Innovation, Leadership in Network Security

SEATTLE – March 28, 2013. WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in manageable business security solutions, today announced that it received multiple awards and top ratings from industry sources in the first quarter of 2013, honoring excellence in the company’s partner program and in its products. The company was recognized with awards from CRN, SC Magazine, and Info Security Product Guide, and achieved a five-star review of its XTM product from SC Magazine.

The recognition from industry sources follows several significant new product announcements made by the company in the first quarter. These include the launch of two new Wireless Access Points, seven new XTM models, and updated features designed to provide customers with increased functionality while maintaining a high level of manageability.

“Our goal is to support companies of all sizes in implementing and maintaining the strongest security possible in the smartest way,” said Dave R. Taylor, vice president of corporate strategy at WatchGuard Technologies. “This kind of recognition from a diverse group of third-party sources helps validate WatchGuard as a best-in-class security provider across the board.

“The most important lesson to learn from this,” said Gorodyansky, “is that the effects of these attacks could be mitigated by individual Internet users. Virtual private networks (VPNs), like my company’s Hotspot Shield app, are both the first and last line of defense. If there’s an internet outage in Europe, using Hotspot Shield or a similar service to route to the Web through a location on a different continent can help.”   I countered with an example. Suppose the Internet “tubes” in Europe are squeezed flat by a DDoS attack. I connect via VPN to a server in Silicon Valley, one that has huge tubes with freely-flowing data. But in order for my Internet connection to reach that server, it still has to go through the congested European tubes. How, then, does that give me a faster connection?   Gorodyansky admitted that getting through the Internet congestion would have some effect on the connection. “Using a VPN isn’t going to magically fix a broken internet tube,” he said, “but in some cases you may notice a difference in speed.” He explained that different sites localize the Internet connection in different ways. “If you go to and you do so from Silicon Valley, you are accessing it from a different server than if you do so from London,” said Gorodyansky. “The tube size is still small, but the flow from accessing from Silicon Valley is faster than the currently blocked tube in the UK.”   Connecting through a VPN may help during an Internet slowdown, and will help in a number of other ways. Many VPNs, Hotspot Shield included, filter out Web-based malware and malicious sites. Use of the VPN masks your IP address, an important privacy consideration. Most important, if you’re connected to a public network the VPN protects your data from snoops. As a precautionary measure, you may want to install a VPN application now, rather than wait until an attack slows your connection to a crawl.

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