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Make your Business or Home wireless network private — or even invisible.

Business / Home Wi-Fi networks can easily be found by scanners on laptops, smartphones and stand-alone devices. Most people have learned to secure them with password-based encryption, but there are still a lot of holdouts. “With the proliferation of wireless in homes and business, securing these connections is an important step in keeping very bad […]

Expert Says Skype Accounts Can Be Easily Hacked via Skype Support

April 29th, 2013, 11:27 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs If anybody knows me I have always been a strong proponent of not allowing nor permitting employees to Skype on business machines.. Skype is a toy/game leave it on the home PC Expert Says Skype Accounts Can Be Easily Hacked via Skype Support A security researcher […]

Barracuda Security Equipment Contains Hardcoded Backdoors

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan 24, 2013 SAN FRANCISCO – January 24, 2013 Barracuda Security Equipment Contains Hardcoded Backdoors,Multiple appliances sold by Barracuda contain undocumented usernames and passwords, as well as SSH access functionality, which an attacker could use to gain shell-level access to devices. Breaking News: Barracuda Security Equipment Contains Hardcoded Backdoors By Mathew J. Schwartz […]

Bad Kaspersky antivirus update prevents business and home users from accessing websites

SAN FRANCISCO – February 05, 2013 Bad Kaspersky antivirus update keeps users from accessing websites Breaking News: Bad Kaspersky antivirus update keeps users from accessing websites Windows XP users who run certain Kaspersky antivirus software may find themselves offline after downloading a new update. Released yesterday, the update causes Windows XP computers to lose their […]

What Every CFO Should Know About Security Breaches

By Tim Wilson April 19, 2013 Complete Article: Every CFO Should Know About Security Breaches TYSONS CORNER, VA. — CEOs and CIOs have gotten religion about cybersecurity, but what about those who hold the purse strings? Experts say they need a hard lesson, too. In a panel called “What Every CFO Must Know About Cyber […]

Handling of Outbound Auto-Response Messages

Post : All clients THIS HAS BEEN HANDLED ALREADY Posted : April 23, 2013 at 9:04 pm Author : eschwabgfi Some customers have expressed concern with the automatic quarantining of outbound auto-response messages with null Mail-From addresses. We wanted to address this as quickly as possible, while still keeping in place an effective posture […]

2012 Threat Landscape: Profit-Driven Crimes, State-Sponsored Espionage and Activism

April 23rd, 2013, 18:01 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs According to Verizon’s recently released 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report, financially motivated cybercrimes and state-affiliated espionage campaigns dominated the 2012 threat landscape. Activists have also left an impression, but the impact of their operations hasn’t recorded any significant modifications. Verizon has revealed that in 2012, over […]

WatchGuard Releases Updates

3/12/2013 WatchGuard Releases Update Fireware XTM OS 11.7.2 Available for XTM 25,26, 3 Series,5 Series, 8 series, 1050 series, 1500 series. This is not available for XTM 21,22,23 (Update 11.6.5 released 4-4-2013 is available) you will have to upgrade your firewall using the “Red Instead” promotion. We can assist in that process contact your IT […]

Current WatchGuard Promotions

Current WatchGuard Promotions. Do you have next-generation network security protecting your business? If not, get an unbeatable deal on WatchGuard’s powerful next-generation XTM solutions. Trade in any manufacturer’s security appliance – including a WatchGuard device – and you’ll pay only for the XTM services. It’s like getting the box for free!* NOW is the time […]